TOAST's Geological Rock Park


On June 7th, 2001 we had the grand opening celebration of the TOAST Geological Rock Park. Our Rock Park was created in a joint partnership with the NYS Museum, the City of Albany and the City School District of Albany. This outdoor park will be another "hands on" venue to teach our children about geology in New York State. It will certainly enhance our science theme!


Special thanks to the PTA, our parents, students, faculty and staff; Liz Chipman,; Yngvar Isachsen, NYS Museum Geologist; Mayor Jennings; Superintendent Palmer; Dr. Clifford Siegried, Director of the NYS Museum; Pat Jordon, Chief of Museum Education; Willard Bruce, Director of Parks; Tom Kelly, Parks Department; the many quarries that donated the beautiful rocks from all over the state; and anyone else who helped us in any way to turn this dream into a reality!


Members of the TOAST family have begun to have their "handprints" placed along the walkway of the Rock Park. This will continue throughout the fall.